A Little Bit Stories about Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu, one of Popular GNU/Linux distributions (called distro) was derivated from Debian Distro. It has become the most popular disto in the world and maybe in Indonesia, too. Why? because we can get Ubuntu CDs freely by requesting from official Ubuntu site. This feature called ShipIt. Ubuntu team will send us Ubuntu CDs based on the order in ShipIt. It will arrive to our home about a month if you’re Indonesian or it depends on distance.Ubuntu has at leas four varios packages based on its desktop environment. For example:
– Kubuntu uses KDE
– Xubuntu uses XFCE Desktop Environment
– Ubuntu & Edubuntu both use GNOME


Ubuntu released once in six months. Each release has its code name. I will give you some of them and its screenshot. I copied them from Full Circle, The Ubuntu Community Magazine.

Ubuntu 4.10 – Code Name: Warty Warthog released October 2004
Ubuntu 5.04 – Code Name: Hoary Hedgehog released April 2005
Ubuntu 5.10 – Code Name: Breezy Badger released October 2005
Ubuntu 6.06 – Code Name: Dapper Drake released June 2006
Ubuntu 6.10 – Code Name: Edgy Eff released October 2006
Ubuntu 7.04 – Code Name: Feisty Fawn released April 2007

Picture: Kubuntu 6.10


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