Free E-book Labeled Majalah Linux and Open Source

I got this free e-book about three weeks ago from PPTIK, the place where I can get “free” access internet. Although the specification of computers there are not so high but that’s no matter because the internet speed is fast enough. I finished download Majalah Linux in short time because it just about 4 MB in size.I saved it in my flash disk then took it home. I will read it at home so that I still have enough time to do another activity such as renew/update my antivirus AVG Free, download mp3 files, check my e-mail and so on. After finished surf internet, I decided to do sholat Dhuhur and then go home.

Majalah Linux gave me the newest information about Open Source, GNU/Linux etc. From it I knew that Head of Free Software Foundation, Richard M. Stallman didn’t have mp3 files. He didn’t have cellphone, too. So, how we can communicate with him while he go shopping?

Here is another short news from Majalah Linux:
– KDE 4.0 will be released on October 2007.
– You can visit to get open source software as alternative your comercial software.
– Tips how to open Mozilla Firefox on Mozilla Firefox itself.
– Use your liveCD Linux to do PCJacking
– and many more…


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