How do you get Blog WordPress?

Maybe it’s easy for you who have usual (read: expert) on internet to register to WordPress site and follow step by step. But for beginner users that can be so difficult. They are usually confusing about where  and how to register, how do they validate their new account, and how they get start.

I hope all of you will be helped by reading this posting. OK, let’s start it…

  1. There are two types of WordPress. First is Blog WordPress like another usual blog such as Blogsome, Blogger, Blogster, Blogfam, TBlog etc. You can register by visiting and second is CMS WordPress. You can get it by downloading package from It’s not so big, just about 1 MB. Now the version have reached 2.21 (when I read this posting).
  2. I will tell you about the first one. Type on your browser and press enter.
  3. Click Sign Up to go to registration page.
  4. Fill in blank form your data such as blog name, blog tittle, your e-mail address and so on.
  5. WordPress will send you link to your e-mail address.
  6. Then check your inbox and click the link on it to validate your registration.
  7. You will see new page that appear your login name and your password. Remember it or just copy then paste to password form.
  8. The important thing you should do next is changing your password. You can click on the WordPress taskbar link named Users.
  9. Then find out another link named Your Profile. Scroll down your page until you get Update Your Password. Type your new password twice. Click Update Profile to finish.
  10. Now you’re ready starting your blog. Your can start by clicking Write, then write your first post  and publis it.

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